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Calculate your biorhythms and critical days!
Biorhythms app calculates personal biorhythms and critical days. It allows you to create up to 5 user profiles with a personalized color theme and daily reminder. The comprehensive and easy to use interface allows quick and efficient biorhythms to check on a daily basis.

⭐ Elegant, easy to use interface;
⭐ Calculates biorhythms from 2 weeks in the past to two months in the future;
⭐ Shows each biorhythm’s cycle daily value for the specified period;
⭐ Shows each biorhythm’s cycle daily trend (rising / declining) for the specified period;
⭐ Calculates critical days;
⭐ Provides short yet useful advice for each critical day;
⭐ 18 different color themes to choose from;
⭐ A personalized color theme for every user profile;
⭐ A personalized daily reminder for every user profile;
⭐ Up to 5 different personal profiles.

Biorhythms theory
The Biorhythms Theory states that human lives move in predictable, undulations involving three separate cycles:
✓ Physical – 23 days
✓ Emotional – 28 days
✓ Intellectual – 33 days
These cycles start at your day of birth and affect your daily life.

Critical days
Critical days have been described as full of danger and difficulty. They are days of flux and high instability. These are not days to fear, but to perhaps be on guard. Critical days are not days when an accident will occur but are a time when you will be more accident prone. Just knowing that this is the case can prevent the accident or error.