Kid Locator

Easy to use GPS Family tracker for your family and your kids – find your kid anytime anywhere!
GPS Kid locator is a tracking app for your family. Family tracking allows you to locate your family accurately. GPS tracker enables location tracking between family members in a private network. Easily add an endless number of family members to your network and start tracking. Free location tracking app!

Key Features
⭐ Free to use;
⭐ GPS and Cell location tracking to you and your connections;
⭐ Movement status & speed;
⭐ Online / Offline status;
⭐ Battery level;
⭐ Speaker mode.

⭐ You are in control of your privacy – you decide if you want to share your location, battery status and speaker mode;
⭐ Intelligent battery consumption – choose between three predefined application modes, which allow you to find a perfect balance between an accuracy and a battery consumption.

Additional Features
⭐ Places – add places where your connection should / should not be. You will receive notification when they either enters or leaves each place;
⭐ History- review your and your connections visited locations up to three days back;
⭐ Chat – text to your connections at any given moment, even if they are offline. Once they get online, your messages will be delivered;
⭐ Make a call – you can make a call from within GPS Kid Locator, in case your connection provides their phone number.

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