Plant Care Reminder

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Plant Care Reminder App allows you to track your plant growth by logging all activities for each plant. It has both predefined events, which you can schedule and one-time events. I addition you can add images and notes at any moment. The diary will show you if you have scheduled activities – either overdue or due today. You will be able to execute these events. Each executed event is logged to the plant’s chronology. You can easily review the chronology and filter it by the event’s types. Besides scheduled events, at any given moment you can add a single event for each plant.


Scheduled Event Types
These are events you can schedule on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis:
🌿 – Watering
🌿 – Soaking
🌿 – Fertilize
🌿 – Mist
🌿 – Repot
🌿 – Location change
🌿 – Rotate

Additional Event Types
🌿 – Note
🌿 – Image

Available views
🌿 – List – shows all your plants in the densest view
🌿 – Tiles – shows all your plants and allows you to execute scheduled activities
🌿 – Recurrent events – shows all due and future scheduled events
🌿 – History – shows all executed events by grouped by date and plant

When you are in Recurrent event view, History view or Plant details, you can filter events by:
🌿 – event type filter
🌿 – time period view filter (calendars only)